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Rescue gloves
  • Rescue gloves

Rescue gloves

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  一、Equipped with overview and USES

  Use flame retardant fabrics, permanent flame retardant, heat insulation, antistatic, oil proof, waterproof, reflective, operators to provide good protection, can be used with rescue suit.

  二、Main performance parameters

  1. The flame retardant performance:The length of the damaged≤100mm,Continue burning time≤2s,and no roast melting, dripping phenomenon;

  2. Wear resistance: palm surface composite material surface with makings is 300 g/m2, and particle size of 100 sand paper, under the pressure of 9kpa, after a 8000 - cycle friction specimen should not be worn through;

  3. The cutting resistance:Cutting force≥4N;

  4. Tear resistance: Palm side and on the back of the tear strength of outer material≥50N;

  5. Mechanical puncture resistance: Puncture resistance≥45N.